Wednesday, January 30, 2013

dear viewers and hopefully future viewers, I AM SORRY

Look, I know I started this blog with like, the intention of posting on it, but I underestimated how busy I am! I know that sounds so cliche/wimpy/unbelievable coming from a high school sophomore, but I am stressed to the wazoo! To Kalamazoo! To the Bronx Zoo! I have so many projects/tests/quizzes/episodes of the West Wing to watch that blogging and expressing my feelings thus releasing myself of inner anxieties is toooo much for moi to handle right now. But! Alas! Therefore! (I couldn't decide what word to use so I used them all.) I SHALL RETURN TO CONQUER YOU, BLOG! In a couple of weeks I will start posting again and fulfill the blogging destiny I envision for myself. So don't worry yet, my future blogging empire! I will return!

In the meantime, here's some presidential monster zombies!
from here.

So I'll see you soon!

-- Jenna

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  1. Its hard making time for blogging, that why Im commenting and checking out blogs at 6:00 AM however its the price we pay for something we love! I believe in you little miss!