Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear California, Meet Dunkin' Donuts

The big news here is that Dunkin' Donuts, the church of Connecticut, has decided to expand into Southern California. This day will live in infamy. But good infamy. Famy. Okay I just butchered that word.
This is the very first Dunkin' Donuts ever, in Quincy, Massachusetts. It was founded by Bill Rosenberg in 1950, five years before Ray Kroc founded the McDonald's Corporation and began to slowly but steadily take over the world.

Connecticut wouldn't be Connecticut without D&D. Here in the Insurance State, there's at least 3 D&Ds in any town. It's heaven. What's not to love about
and this
and my personal favorite, this.

I hope Californians love Dunkin' Donuts as much as I do, and don't reject it like they did in 2002 in Sacramento! Come on Cali, I thought you were the cool state!

To return back to my Purple Pants signature of ending a post with questions, here are some for discussion:
What do you think about the coffee culture of America vs. that of other countries? Do you want D&D to expand to California? Do you like D&D? Starbucks vs. Dunkin? What do you think about the prevalence of fast food franchises, good or bad?


  1. What DD is to you, 7-11's are to Richmond. Sort of. We didn't start that shit, but we sure so love it. We have been known to have as many as three separate 7-11's within four blocks of each other.

  2. THIS BLOG IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We had a DD in Hawaii for like 3 years AND I WANT IT BACK, you know how much I love Donuts, and I love coffee, I'm the quintessential Americans, however I don't think the general Hawaiian public is as in on them. We have these things called Malasadas which are basically lumps of dough, fried and covered with sugar so those are usually the go-to morning sugar rush however I prefer donuts and now I can't find anywhere to get a good one :( so sad my life.