Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Margaret and Nancy & Blogosphere Questions & Freedom of Expression

Well hello, world. Because I do not want to do my Anatomy & Physiology homework and much rather fart around on my computer, here is a picture of Margaret Thatcher and Nancy Reagan at 10 Downing Street.
Look at the cute little heartfeltish note Nancy wrote at the bottom! Ahhh I just love famous political women just hangin' out!

I have a question though for the blogosphere. Why is it that just teenage/young adult girls seem to write blogs? Yes, I know there are adult male bloggers out there, but our teen girl demographic seems to be the only one to really have taken advantage of the opportunities blogging presents. While I'm not an accomplished Internet stumblerer, I have never seen a blog written by a teenage boy that is on par with the high caliber of blogs written by girls.

This gives me pride. Teenage girls have utilized the opportunity in blogging to make their voices louder and their thoughts heard. In a roundabout and kind of sexist way, this to me proves that at least in post-adolescence, us teenage girls are flying past our male counterparts in the articulation and literacy departments. Go us for being able to communicate our ideas to international Internet audiences!

So I guess I just basically answered my own question. Or it's just that articulate teenage boy blogs do exist but because that's not my demographic I haven't found them. Agh who knows. Why did I decide to write a blog post today.

Why do you guys think teenage girls gravitate towards a medium like blogging?

Whoa wait I figured it out! Man it's true, you really get the best ideas in the shower!

Teenage girls gravitate towards a medium like blogging because the Internet is one of the only places where we're not cut off when we're talking. In real life, we're cut off by adults, boys, each other; on the Internet, we can articulately or un-articulately ramble without anybody stopping us.

Think about it; we're living in an amazing time in human history where people can say and publish whatever they want! The world has never experienced an amount of freedom of expression this high before! Somebody can have an idea, write it down or record it on a video, publish it on the Internet and BAM anybody around the free world can access it! Holy tomatoes that is amazing!

(Ok. It is kind of depressing that the select people who are lucky enough to be living in this era of mankind's history use this amazing gift of freedom of expression to post things on the Internet that are very un-articulate and un-helpful-towards-the-progress-of-man. But still. It is amazing.)

Back to teenage girls and blogging, the Internet is the only place where we can unconditionally, limitlessly talk about anything without anybody interrupting. Remember when the TV show My So-Called Life was really popular on the Internet? Well I, trying to participate in the trendiness, started watching the show, and even though I didn't finish it, there's one part I'll never forget. It's the part when the guy Angela likes kisses her while she's talking and she's all like, "Hey, I was talking, what are you doing?" That is the best thing ever. Really the best thing ever.

I just love that she said that so much. When I first saw that scene, I thought, "Angela sister what are you doing? You like him he likes you he kissed you go get him!" But no! Angela was talking! She has respect for her right to share her opinions even though the guy she likes doesn't!!!!

That scene really blew my mind.

The point is, I am going to take part in this amazing moment in human history and use this blog to say whatever I want. Because here, on this little HTML sliver in a sea of words and ideas and GIFs, I can say whatever I want without anybody cutting me off. Yeah! Freedom of expression!

What do you guys think? Are we living in an amazing or unamazing time in human history? Should everybody take advantage of the Internet to share their voice or is blogging narcissistic by definition?